I Want To Show You Around!

Hello my lovelies! Well it is Monday, and you know what that means a post from me. I’m sure all of you are going to be excited about this one. As today’s post is going to be all about the geography of Startavvia. Which of course is as some of you know is the planet that my upcoming novel is taking place on. So let’s get down to it.

As you can see Startavvia consist of one large mass and several smaller islands. Startavvia is mostly made up of large tropical-like forests, this is due to the warmer climate of the planet. The only place that has a colder is up towards the top of the mountains due to the air becoming thinner up at the peeks. There are no seasons on Startavvia As it stays the same distance from the sun all year round. Now I’ll tell you a little more about each part of Startavvia.

The Forests: There are four main forests on Startavvia. They are Starlock,  Loria forest, Mula and Tunica. The forests are filled with large trees, beautiful flowers and a lush underbrush. Many of the creatures make their homes within the forests. The trees not only provide several kinds of fruit and fish but material to make homes. Within Starlock, the largest forest, stands the Tree of Creation, a sacred tree planted by the gods. Here in this tree is housed the Wings of Life, the life force of the planet, within a knot of it’s trunk.  

The Grasslands: There are five major grassland areas.  Pinnacle Grasslands. Lumie Grasslands, Kela Grasslands, Duja Grasslands and Potinka Grasslands.  Here there are short, stout trees and tall grasses. The openness of the grasslands are perfect for some of the races on Startavvia but not all. For some races being out on the grasslands mean they are completely vulnerable to attack. So the few that live there are fierce fighters and warriors. 

The Mountains: There are four mountain ranges upon Startavvia. They are the Zeni Mountains, The Bonja Mountains, Tameki Mountains and the Raba Mountains. The tallest of these are the Tamei Mountain range. The mountain peaks are the only place that on Startavvia that has snow. This is the reason that only a handful of creatures can survive there. 

There you have it, the main geographical features of Startavvia. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Startavvia. More to come in the upcoming posts.

Until Next Time,

Raven Towsley


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