My Writing Process

Hello my Lovelies, sorry for the late post. I had some family stuff. come up. This weeks post is about my writing process.

When I first get an idea I will grab a notebook or my laptop and write down all the ideas I have for it. It maybe no more then theme or a plot point. Then begin to expand on what I have. Usually this is were I begin world and character building. I use Goggle docs. to keep track of all my information.

After I have a few things down I begin to outline as I am a plotter. I sometimes have to go back and add or subtract stuff as I write of course. Once this is done I begin to actually write.

Before I begin each writing session I will turn on music as it helps inspire me. I will use my Scentsy with a light sent in it as well. When all that is done I just let my imagination flow.

Once again thank you all for reading.

Until Next Time,

Raven Towsely

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