Let’s Get To Know Her!

Hello my Lovelies! This week’s post is a special one. I am finally revealing my first character! I am super excited to finally introduce you to my MC, Wren.

Wren is a solphlinian female of the Forest Clan. Daughter of Dain and Ophelia, two of the elders of Floravan Village. She is also sister to the village chief, Hawk. She is very emotional in the beginning as she has always been in her brother’s shadow her whole life. Her parents neglect and ignore her because she does not have any special abilities. Wren is assistant to her brother, she runs errands for him and such. She is happy to do most of the time, as all she wants is her family’s approval. 

Her best friend is Faye, her brother’s wife. The two of them have been friends since they were little. They have a special place that only the two of them know of and often go there to visit together. 

Well that’s a bit about my lovely MC. She was the inspiration for the world of Startavvia. I can’t wait to see what people think of her story!

The amazing artwork was done by the very talented Micah Green! Micah was wonderful to work with. If you need any artwork done I highly recommend him. He does D&D character artwork, book characters and more.

Until Next Time,

Raven Towsley

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