A Ghostly Tale

Hello my Lovelies! How was your weekend? For this weeks blog I decided to take a look at a book called Ghosts of the Sea Moon by A. F. Stewart. Ghosts of the Sea Moon is the the first book in A. F. Stewart’s Saga of the Outer Islands series. So I decided to do a book review on it and here it is!

About the book

He’s the God of Souls. She’s the Goddess of the Moon. In a battle between supernatural siblings, can he save the world… or will they all be doomed?

Sailing the treacherous seas, the crew of the Celestial Jewel rescue drowned souls from ravenous sea monsters and ferry them to the After World. Their captain, Rafe Morrow, has dedicated his life to protecting the lost and defending the islands. For years it has been a rugged life, but now, from the shadows, an ancient creature plays a larger game, shifting the tides into looming danger.

The Goddess of the Moon, Rafe’s sister, wants him dead. Allying with forces that want her brother’s destruction, she changed the rules and set her monsters loose to wreak havoc and revenge. Heedless of the consequences, her actions put both the living and the dead in peril.

With the survival of two worlds hinging on their courage and cunning, how far will Rafe and his crew go? Will Rafe kill his sister to save everyone else?

And what of the black-winged malevolence using everyone as pawns…

Ghosts of the Sea Moon is the first rousing epic fantasy novel in the Saga of the Outer Islands series. If you like dashing ship captains, high seas magical adventure, and vengeful gods, then you’ll love this harrowing adventure of ghosts, gods, and sea monsters.

My Review

This book was very exciting and kept me at the edge of my seat! You did not know which way things were going to go. With battles between gods and evil sea creatures it kept my interest through the whole book. The characters all had distinct personalities as well as their own unique voice. The knowledge she showed of boats was shown all through the book. The author was very descriptive and I personally could see things play out in my mind. The tension was very high too, it made it so you could not stop reading!  

All in all the book was very good. The characters, plot and description was great! I find myself wanting to read the next instalment of the series. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves fantasy, nautical tales and sea creatures. 

 I give it a 4 out of 5 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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