Who’s That Kitty?

Hello my Lovelies! Once again Monday has come around. Hmm… what should I do for my post today? OH! I know I’ll do another character post. Yeah, sounds good, I’m going to tell all of you about Felinē.

Felinē is the second MC of my upcoming book Startavvia. She accompanies Wren on her quest. Felinē was born and raised in a small fishing village at the base of the Bonja Mountains. She has a calm and collected personality as most felisions do. Unlike other felisons though she wishes to help others with her abilities, even though when she has tried other races refuse the help. Either that or they do not believe she actually wants to help.

Her soft cream with black spots fur is modeled after the clouded leopard. I designed her character for my best friend. Her favorite animal is a clouded leopard you see. She first started out as my personal favorite a snow leopard, but I ended up changing her coloring to have this shout out to my bff. (Hehe only for you Ashley would I not use my snow leopard!)

Hmm…I do believe that’s all I can tell you for now. I do not want to spoil to much before the book is done. LOL ! Once again the amazing artwork was done by the very talented artist Micah Green. He does character images and more! If you would like to get ahold of him contact him at

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCabbotSmushler/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbymicahgreen/

Until Next Time,

Raven Towsley


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