The Thief Queen

Hello my Lovelies! I’m very excited for todays post, because I will be introducing you to my favorite character from Startavvia! Her name is Lilith and she is the main antagonist of the story. Let’s learn a bit about her shall we.

Lilith is a female monick who serves Anpu, the god of the Underworld. She loves her job of collecting souls because she is good at it. Her mate’s name is Juniper. They have an adopted child named Luna that they love dearly. The pair adopted Luna after her parents died. Lilith had a harsh personality with anyone but her mate and child. She is often feared by the other monicks and she likes it that way.

I can not revel much more without spoiling the book but if you like you can ask questions in the comment section. I will try to answer them as long as the answer is not a spoiler.

Well that is the last main character reveal! What do you all think of my main cast? Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time,

Raven Towsley


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