Book Review!

Hello, my Lovelies! Sorry about not posting last two week. Had some personal issues that needed taken care of. Anyway…

It’s Monday again! Yay! Today I have another book review for you. This time it’s a review of you guessed it Tales from Mushroom Manor! I know I know, I’ve talked about these books quite a bit. I can’t help myself, they are so good! Anyways this time I’m going to do an overview of the entire trilogy. 

Book 1: The Sorceress’ Return

      The Blurb: Firefly Forest is in danger! There are rumors circling about that Leona, the evil sorceress elf, has returned to avenge her slain brother’s death. When a new stranger comes to Firefly Forest, he tries to dispel these rumors. Is he to be trusted or does he have ulterior motives? Join Suzy Shortbread, Penelope Pringles, Francois Frog and the other friends from Mushroom Manor as they find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime! An epic battle between Dark and White magic is about to begin! Who will end up controlling all the Lands of Morada?

Book 2: The Search for Ferante

The Blurb: Our friends from Mushroom Manor are back! The evil, sorceress elf, Leona, has finally risen into power! After nearly destroying Firefly Forest, she now has her sights set on conquering the rest of the Lands of Morada! Our enchanted pals separate into two different groups, hoping to find a way to stop her before their time runs out! Join little Molly Mishkin, Francois Frog and Mr. Blinkystein, as they head north to Dark Minion Marsh, hoping to rescue Molly’s mother and the once mighty, Governor Peryton, who Leona has captured! Meanwhile,Suzy Shortbread, Dafydd Canicus and Penelope Pringles travel eastward across Morada heading to the Dragon Mountains, following the ominous orders from Oracle of Wayward Wetlands. As our faithful friends from Mushroom Manor head out on their quests, they find out that their world is a much more dangerous place than they had ever realized. Will Suzy Shortbread be able to find Ferante, the ancient one, in time so he can restore the Heart of White magic? Will all of Morada fall in Leona’s darkness?

Book 3: The Heart of White Magick 

The Blurb: The time has come for the final battle to control all the Lands of Morada to begin! Leona, the evil sorceress elf, has finally unleashed her secret weapon upon the world and it appears like there is no way to stop her destruction!Join our friends from Mushroom Manor once again as their quest to complete the orders from the Oracle of Wayward Wetlands reaches its pinnacle! Somehow they must each find the strength and resilience deep within as they are pushed to the very limits. Can everybody endure all the tasks set out before them? And even though some families will be reunited and old friendships are renewed, there are secrets yet to be revealed, which could tear apart the very fabric that is holding them together! Everything everyone has believed in will be tested to the extreme!Whom can be trusted? Whom should be feared? And do we actually know which characters are the true heroes and villains? When the time finally come for Suzy Shortbread to face Leona once and for all, it will be the most legendary of showdowns! Which sorceress will be defeated and which one will prevail? Find out in the epic conclusion of this third book in the Tales from Mushroom Manor fantasy series.

My Review of the Series: This series is a must read! The characters are so vibrant and diverse. Each one has a very distinct personality from the others. My personal favorite character is Mr. Mishkin because he has such a huge heart! The world of Morada is fleshed out and interesting as well. From Firefly Forest to Old Elvin Grove each area has its own distinct culture and people who live there. Sprites! Giants! Dragons, Oh my! The plot for the overall series as well as each individual book linked together perfectly. Author Joplin James really made the books so thrilling with twists and turns no one could imagine. So if you like fantasy then please make sure to read this wonder tale of magic and wonder. It gets a 5 out of 5 from me!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you would like to check this amazing series our you can find them here:

Book 1.)

Book 2.)

Book 3.)


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