Interview with J.R. O’Bryant

Hello, my Lovelies! This week is another author interview. This week I interviewed J.R. O’Bryant. O’Bryant is the author of the Krystianna Aramis Series as well as several Erotic novellas. So lets check things out!

1. Tells us a bit about your books.

I’m currently writing the Krystianna Aramis Vampire Novels. Krystianna is a centuries old vampire who runs a winery in Central Coast California. She is the head of her House and the daughter of Vampire Council Member Erik Aramis. Through the series Krystianna and her people are forced to deal with all sorts of mayhem and disasters. The first book finds her and her contingent facing the death of her biggest competitor, a spell gone awry, and new influences in the supernatural world. The next few books find Krystianna and her people dealing with serial killers, shapeshifters going insane, and the ever present and ominous vampire council. Krystianna and her partners are also Polyamorous and Krystianna herself is bisexual and the books cover some of the complications of her lifestyle as well.

2. What has been the best part of creating your books world?

a. I love all the research I get to do and the hands on things I get to learn while writing Krystianna’s world. I’ve always enjoyed research for the sake of learning new things, and writing this world has allowed me to do so in spades.

b.     The worst? Ugh! Finding names and dates that line up historically without ruining the timeline of the books. It can be an absolute pain in the backside. But I want things to be as real as I can make them.

3. What advice would you give a new fantasy writer like myself?

Dive in! Create! Let your world build itself. You want sentient vehicles or buildings, go for it. With Fantasy the sky is the limit and even then you can strive for the stars. Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t it be done. If you can imagine it, it can be a thing. Make it so!

4. What piece of literature has had the most influence on you? Why?

I couldn’t name one piece of literature. Every single thing I read has an influence on me, no matter the genre. I take something from everything my mind encounters. I am a literary sponge with an insatiable appetite for more!

5. Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing?

ALL THE THINGS! LOL. Sorry. When I’m not broken physically I love martial arts and sword fighting. I play a lot of video games when my body doesn’t fight me. I read incessantly and I am never far from a book or reading device. I love music and almost always have something playing in the background. I like to cook and try out new recipes. I collect blades and bladed weapons, bear figurines, and masquerade masks. I know it sounds weird. I also make jewelry when my hands are working, as well as dream catchers and doll clothes for my youngest spawn. I love to draw and color and create art in general. Oh… and I like to dance when my body is working, too.

6. How to you balance between writing and spending time with your family?

Family comes first. Always. I spend as much time with my kiddo as I can get away with and write when they are tired of me or out and about doing their own things. I’m also spoiled rotten with a partner who gets that sometimes I just have to get my words on the page. I am really lucky to have a family that supports my writing endeavors in all sorts of amazing ways, so I try to return the favor and as much time with them as I can as well.

7. Tells us about the projects you have in the works?

So I am working on “re-vamping” the first four novels of the Krystianna Aramis series. Book One – Cold Crypt Cellars was just rereleased earlier this year and I am working on Book Two – Behind The Masque is the next one on its way out. I just had a few life delays and that one is taking longer than I would have liked to be released again. But… it’s hopefully on its way to readers soon. Behind the Masque has a masquerade, the Vampire Council, and a serial killer, all thrown in with a Kink Club for the Supernatural and the entire world I’ve built for Krystianna.

8. Can you tell us about your writing process?

I sit in a front of a computer screen and pray for words to happen. *smirk* Well, okay. Maybe there is more to it than that. I start with a barebones outline and general gist of what may happen in the book and then I let the characters tell me their story. Sometimes we work together and get upwards of 20k on the page and other days my characters and I can’t even talk to one another and we barely get 200 words down. But, I’ve found that if I meditate with them we usually come to a consensus for what our desired outcome is. I also borrow living bodies to write my more graphic scenes. I pose them and take pictures and ask questions about how things feel and fit together. It makes for much more realistic scenes.

9.     If you couldn’t write books what would you want to do?

Well… When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian of exotics and zoology, but I never have the patience for school and sitting through classes having people tell me where to go and what to do and how to do it. So, I suppose if I weren’t writing books I would probably still work in some aspect of the publishing world. Maybe as an editor or personal assistant. But, I love writing and really just want to make a living off my passion just like any artist.

10.  Is there anything else you would like us to know that I haven’t asked about?

I am a mentally and physically disabled author with a couple rare genetic issues that make my life more difficult that most would guess just by looking me or reading my posts online. Writing is my escape from a world where I can’t really be free to enjoy my life to the fullest degree. I have three amazing young women in my life that call me mom in some form and a granddaughter who brightens my universe. They are my biggest points of pride and joy. I am happily in a relationship with the love of my life who brings me joy and happiness everyday even on my darkest days when I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am the full time human servant to one amazing and very talkative house panther named Katerina Blake and the grandma to another two named Loki and Ares. We also have a gorgeous danger noodle who is a major part of the house as well whose name is Shin. One last thing… If you can imagine or dream it then you can make it happen. Believe in yourself and your dreams!

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