Interview with JMD Reid

Hello, my Lovelies! How are you all? Today we are going to look at the interview I with JMD Reid. James is the author of The Storm Below and The Secret of the Jewels series’. Let’s learn a bit more about him and his books by looking at the interview, shall we?

JMD’s The Storm Below Books
The Secret of the Jewels book 1 cover

1.     Tells us a bit about your books.

I write character driven fantasy books. I like to get into my characters and tell their struggles to grow into better people even when the world around them is dark. The Storm Below series follows Ary and Chaylene, two young lovers as their lives are thrown upside down by being drafted into their nation’s navy. They live in a world of floating islands over an ever-churning storm. Their relationship must survive a dark goddess, assassins, stormriders, and the stress of military life.

The Jewels of Illumination series is all about redemption. Ōbhin and Avena, my leads, are both characters who feel a great deal of guilt over their pasts. Together, they just might find away to be better people as they vow to protect a scholar from a crime syndicate and their necromancer.

2.     What has been the best part of creating your book’s world?

Writing down the ideas in my head and evolving the characters that are lurking inside of me.

a.     The worst?

The marketing of the books.

3.     What advice would you give a new fantasy writer like myself?

Don’t get lost in your world building. Be deep with your world building where it’s important, where your characters are from, where they are currently, and where they are going. Then be shallow for the rest. Be able to drop places that you’ll never visit with just enough detail to evoke them but you don’t need more than a paragraph or two on those other places.

4.     What piece of literature has had the most influence on you? Why?

Robert Jordan’s the Wheel of Time. It has influenced my writing style and preference for third person limited POV.

5.     Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing?

Reading and playing dungeons and dragons.

6.     How do you balance between writing and spending time with your family?

Poorly. I’m single so I don’t have to worry about things like family. I spend most of my time writing.

7.     Tell us about the projects you have in the works?

I am writing Shadow of the Dragon, an epic fantasy quest series about a girl possessed by the soul of a dragon and the guy trying to free her. They are chased by a cabal of wizards as they travel the world. I’m also writing Assassins of Illumination, the sequel to Jewels of Illumination, which is about a shapechanger who had been an assassin but now is struggling to deal with all the identities he has stolen and if he even is the man he thinks he is.

8.     Can you tell us about your writing process?

I do a general outline of a novel that covers all the high points. Then I will do a detailed scene by scene outline for a few chapters and then write them. After, I think about what the characters will do next and if that still matches up to my main outline then plot out a few more chapters. Rinse and repeat.

9.     If you couldn’t write books, what would you want to do?


What a great interview. I hope to check out The Storm Below series for myself, eventually. Thank you to JMD Reid for interviewing with me! I hope you all are enjoying my interviews with all these lovely authors. If you are, please leave a comment and let me know.





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