Here you will find a list of books written by Raven Towsley.

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Death took her child. Magic can restore her. The price will be the world.

Her only child’s death drove Lilith insane. The planet’s sacred jewel – the legendary Wings of Life – has the power to restore the child. She will have it and use it, no matter what the cost, even if it means destroying everything and everyone. She and her mate will stop at nothing to see their child alive once more.

Life has never been easy for Wren – she is the outcast of her family. Neglected and ignored. Now, she’s given a task – find and retrieve the Wings of Life. The jewel, once removed, can no longer keep the planet alive – it must be found before it’s too late. She must save the world she loves. Save her village. Save the people who rejected her. Gain the one thing she wants above all else – to be accepted.

So with the help of a new friend she tracks the gem across Startavvia. How can she catch the elusive and quick-witted thief? How can she persuade grieving parents to abandon their one chance to save their child?

“Can’t stop reading page to page. So interesting it keeps you wanting to read more and more!

Nancy Pyse